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Noosa2K’Gari 4WD Hire Vehicles are a great way to explore K’Gari, one of Queensland’s most sought after holiday destinations which is located approximately three and a half hours drive north of Brisbane or two hours drive north of the Sunshine Coast.

With a 4WD, K’Gari is easily accessible via a barge and is the perfect place to getaway from it all.

K’Gari has over 52 freshwater lakes, the historical Maheno Shipwreck, sparkling Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek, Lake Boomanjin and Lake Allom.

There are also crystal clear creeks, wonderful swimming rock-pools, the amazing coloured sand formations known as The Cathedrals and the Central Station camping area. Swim, hike, fish or simply relax.

Enjoy the exhilaration of driving along 75 Mile Beach in a 4WD, visit pristine rainforest and marvel at K’Gari’s unique flora and fauna.

You can read more about K’Gari here.

Our 4WD Hire Vehicles are equipped to tackle the rugged sandy territory, and we will provide you with a full briefing and maps to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

It is a unique natural environment – K’Gari is the largest sand island in the world and the only place on the planet where rainforest grows from sand.

Rich Aboriginal heritage and a colourful European history are integral to K’Gari.

This combination makes K’Gari one of the most rare and mysterious features of Queensland’s coastline.

K’Gari is only accessible by 4WD vehicles and light aircraft.

Seventy-Five Mile Beach is an actual highway that runs up the surf side (eastern beach) of the island, and also doubles as a runway.

Vehicle tracks (sand) cross the island linking the lakes, rainforests, camp grounds and resorts.

Driving conditions vary with weather and tides.

Speed limits are 35kmh on inland roads and 80kmh on the Seventy-Five Mile Beach.

Normal Australian road rules apply.

Vehicle access permits are required for all vehicles entering the island.

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