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Noosa2Fraser 4WD Hire Vehicles are a great way to explore Bribie Island, which is protected by Environmental, National and Marine Parks, ensuring that its natural beauty will remain for future generations to enjoy.

Bribie Island is home to an amazing array of wildlife.

Dolphins, dugong and turtles cruise the calm waters of the Pumicestone Passage with the majestic Glass House Mountains as the backdrop.

Bribie Island is the only Queensland island connected to the mainland by bridge.

It is accessible to all and is only a 45 minute drive from Brisbane airport.

It is a protected island where 86% of it is National Park.

4WD Permits are required to access the area.

Bribie Island has changed from the sleepy fishing island that many Queenslanders remember coming to as child.

You can still camp within the National Park along the surf beach (in designated areas) or walk through protected heathlands.

Four-wheel-driving on Bribie Island’s beautiful white beaches is an experience not to be missed.

Four wheel drive vehicles require a beach permit to travel along the beach access track on Bribie Island.

Don’t forget to purchase and display the required permit for driving on the island at all times.

If you are planning to camp, you will also need a camping permit for the Bribie Island Recreation Area which must be obtained before you enter.

A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your campsite.

Camping fees are $5.45 per person per night or $21.80 per family per night.

A family group is up to two adults and accompanying children under 18, up to a total of eight people.

Children under five are free. School children on approved excursions are charged $3.00 each.

Camping areas accessible by your 4WD Hire Vehicle include:

  • Gallaghers
  • Poverty Creek
  • Ocean Beach
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